typeChaosifier is an interactive typography generator, inspired by the laws of nature. Typography meets order, chaos, and the laws of physics. 

Written in javascript using p5.js, the Chaosifier presently has 8 phenomena: Fractal, Jellyfish, Mesh, Orbit, Particles, Rain, Space, Swarm. Each has a mode of order and one of chaos. The generator is free to use, a playground to create striking visual results while simultaneously prompting curiosity and excitement into the growing intersections of graphic design with not only the interactive arts but also the natural sciences.

Generative Typography    ·    2019    ·    MICA    ·    Mentor: Dae In Chung & Dan Shiffman    ·    Created on P5.js   ·    Winner STA 100      ·    Winner ADC 2021    ·    PRINT Magazine Feature    ·