The New York Times

01 Stocks & IPOS

A meditation on how tech IPOs are not necessarily a ticket to the riches. Emphasising the gambling nature of dice, with the lighting of the scene playing a subtle role. 

3D Design    ·    AD: Alexandra Zsigmond     ·     December 8, 2020     ·     Read here     ·    

02 The Splinternet

The Splinternet is a characterization of the Internet as splintering and dividing due to various factors – in this case, due to laws across national boundaries. 

Illustration+Motion    ·    AD: Alexandra Zsigmond     ·     February 17, 2021     ·     Read here     ·    

03 Internet Wars

With 10 hours to go on the 16 hour deadline, I took up 2 new challenges I had never before attempted: Pixel art, and cel animation, to show the never-ending fight between the 2 factions on either side of the Net Neutrality debate. Elements from digital life like Apple's rainbow pinwheel of death and Microsoft's hourglass were also implemented.

Illustration+Cel Animation    ·    AD: Alexandra Zsigmond     ·     February 25, 2021     ·     Read here    ·  


04 We, the People

NYT Opinion reached out, having been working on a series of stories that summer around the idea of how America hasnt changed in any significant way in the last 50 years, a period of unfortunate stagnation. There has not been a major change to the amendment in about 40 years and so were asking writers and legal scholars to propose new amendments to the Constitution.

Together we came up with a piece that felt contemporary, with thought of the ‘We The People’ phrase lettered in ASCII, in a contrast between the old and the digital. The piece was composed using words from the amendement itself.

Design+Motion    ·    AD: Frank Augugliaro     ·     August 04, 2021     ·     Read here     ·    

05 Snap Out of It, America

NYT Opinion approached me to create an animated opener for the landing page for all of the Snap Out of it America content they had been publishing in the summer of '21. The overarching concept was that America used to be a land of constant change and renovation but over time has become stagnant, for too long. 

We came up with the idea of a flag exploding into pieces while internal changes took place within. Then the flag pieced back together.

Design+Motion    ·    AD: Frank Augugliaro     ·     September 16, 2021     ·     Read here     ·