Alive: From Nothing to Something and Back

Alive: From Nothing to Something & Back is an exploration of design for transcendence. The project begins at the sheer wonder — and improbability — of our very existence. With the simple and eternal circle at its core, Alive is a body of work inspired by the central idea that Truth cannot be learnt; it must be experienced. It is an attempt to raise as many questions as find answers:

① Why is there Something Rather than Nothing?
② Can letters transcend their epistemic roots?
③ How do we best represent Ultimate Reality?
④ How can we make our experiences experienceable to others?

The project is divided into four parts, the links for which are above. Find the entire documentation here.

Snippets, highlights and (failed) experiments:

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Thesis Project    ·    2021    ·    Interdisciplinary Media    ·    Mentors: Jennifer Cole Phillips | Ellen Lupton | Abraham Burrickson    ·